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Barbara Hobl - Advertising & New Media

Responsibilities: Website, E-Commerce

Professional Qualifications: A levels, 5 years event management in an advertising agency, Sales Assistant in an international company

Personal motto: To know where or who you want to be is the most important precondition for succsess. If you have no goal, you will achieve hardly anything!

Contact: barbara(at)

Claudia Hobl - Finance

Function: Finance and Marketing

CV: Alevels, many years experiance in dealing in watches and jewellery, 2 years as assistant to the Managing Director of the Fair Energy Partner

Personal Motto: „One for all, all for one“

Contact: claudia(at)

Ludwig Hobl jun. - Head of Production

Function: design and production of all types of handmade paper by HOBL+SOHN, trainer at paper workshops

Profession: apprenticed papermaker, jewellery artist, fire juggler

Personal motto:
Accept what you don't understand and your spirit will be free!

Contact: l.junior(at)

Ludwig Hobl sen. - Sales Director

Function: Marketing and distribution at HOBL+SOHN

Professional qualifications: apprenticed handworker with Master Craftman's certificate, manager of „Product management, communication and pricing“ in an Upper Austrian infrastructure concern, CEO in a leading company of the Upper Austrian Eco Energy Branch

Personal motto:
„Can't be done“ is not in my vocabulary!

Kontaktdaten: l.senior(at)