Two different techniques are used to produce individual paper.

Wire Watermarks
Ludwig Hobl Jnr. describes this technique as follows: "I take thin stainless steel wire and bend it to form fine lines for lettering, emblems, logos and other symbols. After I have soldered these filigree works of art, I sew them upside down onto the mesh with a very fine metal thread. As the fibres on the wire logo are thinner than the surrounding area, the water mark looks lighter when you look through it."

  • Ludwig Hobl Junior
  • Wire Watermark Mesh
  • Shadow Watermark Mesh

Shadow Watermark – a speciality of HOBL+SOHN
Only a few paper artists in the whole of Europe have mastered this complicated technique. „Here the surfaces, lines, light and shadow of the selected motif are worked in different depths in the mesh. Less paper fibres settle in the raised areas and more in the deeper areas“, explains Ludwig Hobl revealing a bit of his technique, a well kept secret. The results surprise even the experts in the paper world!