Handmade paper is not just handmade paper

The typical and precious deckle edge is a clear sign of the quality of genuine handmade paper. The intensity of the fibrous along the edge of paper lies in the hands of the papermaker. The firmer the frame is pressed onto the mesh, the less deckle edge is the result. Unfortunately, the term „deckle edge“ is often used by producers of mechanically made paper for torn paper with a fibrous edge.

Handgeschöpftes Büttenpapier mit Büttenrand

Hand made paper with its slightly varying format is always unique as genuine handmade paper has an irregular deckle edge on all four sides. A noticable sign of quality is the suppleness of the handmade paper.

Under pressure the surface of our handmade paper takes on the structure of felt, so-called „felt marking“. After being dried, the rough paper is pressed a second time to produce a smooth surface. This variety is highly valued by artists and calligraphists. Our handmade paper, made from cotton, is very popular with photographers. It is totally acid free and age resistant, guaranteing long lasting, high quality pictures.