Handmade deckle edged paper set collection Huntsmen

The Set - an exlusive gift for huntsmen - consists of:

  1 Storage box
20 sheets handmade deckle edged paper A4 optional with motif "Boar", "Chamois" or "Stag"
20 pcs deckle edged lined envelopes

EUR 111,90 without Ball pen
(incl. 20 % VAT. excl. shipping costs)

plus 1 high class ball pen of your own choice from Faber-Castell. Available are E-Motion Pear, E-Motion Parquet or Ambition Stainless steel.
EUR 189,90 with Ball pen (incl. 20 % VAT excl. shipping costs)



  • storage box for handmade deckle edged paper
  • edged paper Boar
  • storage box for handmade deckle edged paper
  • Faber-Castell Ball pen E-Motion Pear
  • Faber-Castell Ball pen E-Motion Parquet
  • Faber-Castell Ball pen Ambition Stainless steel

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*offer valid until recalled